Lauren Alaina Helps Fillmore Adapt to Her Tour and the Results are Hilarious

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Lauren Alaina Fillmore Tour video That Girl Was Me
Photo by Tammie Arroyo / AFF-USA.COM

Don’t let the name fool you. Lauren Alaina’s That Girl Was Me Tour packs a decent-sized dose of testosterone in the form of rising country artist Fillmore. But the significance of making an impact on her first headlining tour was obviously weighing on the Georgia girl, so she took some precautions to ensure that her talented and handsome counterpart was equipped with some skills and a look to help her deliver.

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In a hilarious trio of videos, Lauren puts Fillmore through his paces as she attempts to incorporate her newly acquired Dancing With the Stars skills into his portion of the show, challenging him to up his hip-swiveling ante.

When her efforts to make him mirrorball worthy aren’t fully realized, Lauren shifts gears to focus on Fillmore’s stage attire, but after seeing a couple of his outfits, she declares, “I knew I wasn’t going to like your clothes.” With a flick of her fairy godmother wand, she gives her new friend a style make-over that is a bit different than his usual attire.

Finally, the “Getting Good” singer switches gears to give Fillmore the kind of relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatment that savvy girls and guys enjoy. After offering him champagne and washing his hair, Lauren applies under-eye patches, cooling cucumber slices, a freshening face mask, and acrylic nails before setting his hair and applying a full face of make-up.

Yes, you read that right.

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And the burly country singer takes it all in stride until Lauren brings out the wax strips. After applying one to his hairy leg, he revolts, rising from the chair and pulling off fingernails and ripping out rollers as he flees towards the door.

“Do you still want to do the tour,” she asks timidly. Fillmore barely confirms that he is still doing it before the two break down in laughter.

If this is any indication into what the That Girl Was Me Tour is going to be like, you might want to get your tickets now. It all starts on January 15th in Nashville. A complete list of dates and ticket information is available on Lauren’s website.