Lauren Alaina Has Found Her Next Boyfriend in Comedian John Crist


Lauren Alaina got a big surprise during a visit to nationally syndicated Bobby Bones radio show when Bobby asked one of her super fans to ask her three questions. However, the surprise she had for Bobby and the crew was way bigger.

The talented and hilarious singer/songwriter has a new man in her life—Christian comedian John Crist.

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In a video from the show, Lauren responded to one of John’s Instagram videos and they two struck up a relationship through DM. Eventually, they met and struck up a relationship, but the radio appearance was their first public outing as boyfriend and girlfriend.

As compatible as the couple is, there is an age gap of 11 years, but John has used that as material for his stand-up routine. The 35-year-old comic shares that he is 35, Lauren’s mom is 45, and the singer is 24, so he’s actually closer to her mom’s age than hers.

“When her and her mom are arguing about stuff, I’m literally in the middle so, I’m like, ‘Babe, your mom makes some good points,’” he joked. Even Lauren laughed that sometimes they talk about things she knows nothing about.

It’s been four months since Lauren and her fiancé, Alex Hopkins, split after a very public relationship, but they parted on very amicable terms.

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By the way, super fan Brice asked Lauren about pre-show rituals (secret handshakes with the band), her favorite song to sing live (“Road Less Traveled”) and animal she’d take on the road with her (a sloth).

For more information on John and to see where he’s performing, check out his website.