Lauren Alaina Poses as Press Member to Get Photo With Reba McEntire

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Lauren Alaina has had the time of her life while out in Las Vegas for the 53rd Annual ACM Awards. The 23-year-old is having fun celebrating her win for ACM New Female Vocalist.

While visiting the press room backstage after the show, Lauren took a seat amongst the media to get a chance to ask Reba a question. In the video captured by the Tennessean,  Lauren raises her hand to ask a question. Her question? “Reba, Can I have a pictures with you?” she asks. Of course, Reba obliges.

When Lauren heads up to the stage, she doesn’t miss the opportunity to get a big hug from superstar. Keep in mind, Lauren’s manager, Trisha McClanahan, was previously Reba’s manager. So they’re pretty much related, in the music industry world.

“You’re call made my whole life,” Lauren told to Reba.

Reba had the duty of calling the three new vocalist winners, Lauren, Brett Young and Midland, to break the good news that they had won their awards. Lauren was reduced to tears while talking to Reba.

The two ladies then went on to take the picture as Lauren, being her adorable self, explained that she didn’t want a double chin in the photo. It’s the little things you have to remember when taking a photo with Reba McEntire. We could all learn a thing or two from the New Female Vocalist of the Year.