Lauren Alaina Shares How She Broke Her Two Toes During Quarantine

Lauren Alaina reveals how she broke two toes during quarantine
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Some of us have taken to sheltering at home naturally and beautifully. But for the effervescent Lauren Alaina, quarantine has had its own set of issues.

In a post on her Instagram page, Lauren can be seen wearing one of her signature onesies while she rolls around her kitchen island on a knee scooter. Before the video stops, she kicks up her leg and we can see that her foot is in a boot. In the caption, she explains, “Taking the boot scoot to a whole new level. I Brooks & Dunn went and broke two of my toes. I present to you, “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” feet. Lauren Alaina.”

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Lauren shared additional details with People saying that she broke her toes after taking out her trash in the rain, wearing rubber slides. When she came back inside, she slipped on the hardwood floors, her feet flew out from under her and one foot hit the brass leg of her couch.

“It was raining and I had on these rubber slides,” she told the magazine. “When I came back into the house and stepped on my hardwood, my feet flew out from underneath me. My foot hit the brass leg of my couch. I protected the light and broke my own toes! My middle toe was literally down, just hanging.”

Bloody and broken, she created a splint of cardboard from a box of Yuengling beer. “I didn’t have anything to make a splint — you don’t just have that lying around in your house,” Lauren says. She then headed to the hospital with her manager, Trish.

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The doctors have said it will take 12 weeks for the charismatic country star to heal, she admits she doesn’t mind so much since we’re all isolating anyway. She also offers a healthy dose of perspective to the situation.

“Everyone was saying, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry, I’m praying for you,’” she says. “And while I appreciate that, there are people that are actually really sick in the world right now. I was trying to make light of my situation. It sucks but it’s not nearly as bad as what a lot of people are going through.”

Of course, a good-natured get-well from Brooks and Dunn’s Ronnie Dunn was a welcome giggle.