Lauren Alaina’s Lyric Video For “Three” Will Make You Feel All Kinds of Emotions

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Lauren Alaina performing Three
Photo by Hunter Berry/CMA

After Scoring a No.1 with “Road Less Traveled,” as well as her collaboration with Kane Brown on “What Ifs,” Lauren Alaina is pulling at our heart strings once again with “Three.”

Written by Lauren, Seth Ennis and Jordan Reynolds, and featured on her sophomore album Road Less Traveled, the tune has Lauren singing about missing out on life’s precious moments in her quest to follow her dream and be played on the radio.

Mama said, “you’ll be a star” / And daddy said, “you’re gonna go far, all you gotta do is sing your heart out” / A lot of miles, a lot of tears / You’ve given me some of my best years / There’s so much I had to miss out on / Six years of missing home for three minutes on the radio,” she sings in the chorus.
As the lyrics fill the screen, images of Lauren and her family, through the years, flash by. When the lyrics turn to, “Three years of wishing that he was here / holding my hand / no I didn’t plan for those three words / to be the ones that hurt,” images of Lauren and her longtime boyfriend, Alex Hopkins, emerge bringing her world full circle.
“I miss everything and I don’t ever get to be home, but I get to be on this stage and I get to live my dream that I had since I was a three-year-old girl with a hairbrush in my hand pretending I was Reba McEntire,” Lauren said while on tour with Luke Bryan. “As much as I’ve had to sacrifice I’ve gotten so many blessings and I wanted to write a song about that journey.”