Leah Turner Revisits Cowgirl Roots in New “Cowboy’s Love” Video

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Country music singer-songwriter Leah Turner‘s newest single, “Cowboy’s Love,” is a song written about her father. With its heartfelt lyrics, perfect twang and incredibly strong vocals Leah Turner is back.

“Cowboy’s Love” discusses a cowboy‘s true love, strength and tenderness — something Leah’s familiar with. The inspiration for the song came from Leah’s own father, her first true cowboy love. When asked what her favorite line of the song is she replied, “I think it would have to be ‘strong hands, tender touch,’ the first line of the song.” To her, this is the line that describes her father and the true meaning of the song best.

The accompanying music video, which was shot on her dad’s roping partner’s ranch, is sprinkled with little pieces of her mom, dad and reminders of her childhood. While Leah wears her mother’s jewelry, the cowboy lead wears her dad’s belt buckle, and that rugged saddle she throws in the back of the truck at the start of the video? That’s her dad’s, too.

Leah, who grew up a true cowgirl riding horses and watching her dad rope at the rodeo, wanted to revisit her roots when shooting this video and we think she did just that. It’s easy to see that this blonde bombshell is as comfortable on a horse as she is playing the guitar.

As for her upcoming album, we think fans have a lot to look forward to.

“This album goes a lot deeper,” she explained. “The songs are very ‘girl power’ focused.”

Leah then went on to explain that ‘girl power’ doesn’t mean hating on men, it means being confident and believing in yourself.

While there are no collaborations or duets on the album yet, Leah says, if it were up to her, she’d love to sing with artist like Trisha Yearwood, Eric Church, George Strait and even P!nk if she could — who wouldn’t love to hear a Leah, P!nk duet? Magic.

Image Source: Back Home Management