LeAnn Rimes’ Re-Imagined Version of “How Do I Live” Is Almost as Good as the Original


It’s been 21 years since LeAnn Rimes released the Diane Warren penned song, “How Do I Live,” in May 1997. Reaching No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the tune was a massive hit for the Texas native.

LeAnn has since gone back into the studio to re-record or as she puts it, re-imagine, a new version. The 35-year-old was 14 when she recorded the song, also cut by Trisha Yearwood at the same time.

If you ever leave, baby you would take away everything real in my life,” takes on new meaning for the 35-year-old. LeAnn is now married to actor Eddie Cibrian and is stepmother to his two children.

In addition, the Grammy winning artist took to social media to share the redone tune, while sharing her thoughts on the new version.

“This new version of “How Do I Live” feels like an intimate prayer,” LeAnn wrote on Instagram. “Over 20 years of singing it and my heart breaks now more than ever. There’s a new level of vulnerability that comes through every word, every note. A faithful dance between spirit and song.”