LeAnn Rimes Teams Up with Stevie Nicks On Striking Reinvention of “Borrowed”


LeAnn Rimes recruited one of her heroes for her latest Re-Imagined song, “Borrowed.” The stirring track about a woman in the middle of a love triangle with her man, gets added emotion thanks to Stevie Nicks’ striking harmonies.

“Borrowed” was first featured on LeAnn’s 2013 album, Spitfire, and has been reinterpreted for her Re-Imagined EP, out now. She co-wrote the song, about a woman who struggles knowing she isn’t her man’s sole lover, alongside Darrell Brown and Dan Wilson. It was in 2013 when Stevie first heard the song during LeAnn’s performance on The Tonight Show.

“I stopped in my tracks and sat down on the floor and started to cry,” the Fleetwood Mac member shares. “I understood what she was singing about. I understood that the pain was real—and I understood that it had happened to me. When the song ended, I called my assistant to tell her that one day, I would sing this song with LeAnn. It was our destiny.”

She adds, “LeAnn is the best singer I have ever sung with. You can’t compete with her: you can only keep up with her. To sing with her is to be blessed. She teaches you: she takes you along for the ride—she takes you on her journey and you arrive a much better singer. It has been my great pleasure to share this song with her and I hope someday we can do it again.”

LeAnn also praises her duet partner, explaining how Stevie has inspired her as a songwriter and performer over the years.

“To know that my music has seeped its way into her heart the way her music has into mine is magical,” LeAnn adds. “Connecting with her, not only musically, but on a soul level, understanding what it’s like to be a woman with passion, a pen and a desire to tell the most authentic, heartfelt truth through song has been an experience that’s forever left an imprint on my life.”