Country Stars LeAnn Rimes, Cassadee Pope & Lindsay Ell Take Part In 10 Year Challenge

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The 10 Year Challenge is the latest social media fad where people compare two photos from the last ten years, and several country stars are taking part in the fun. While looking back on photos from 2009 to 2019, Lindsay Ell, Cassadee Pope and LeAnn Rimes share some changes they’ve noticed in themselves throughout the past decade.

“I caved… 2009 vs 2019,” LeAnn captions two photos of herself. “So crazy to dig into pics from 10 years ago. I Love aging! Wisdom comes with a wrinkle or two… and I’ll take it!”

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In another post on Twitter she admits that her present self is more at peace than she was 10 years ago.

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“The woman I am in 2019 is way more joyful, settled, connected and peaceful than I was 10 years ago and I’m still expanding into all of these pieces of myself,” LeAnn shares on Twitter. “I am grateful for who I was in 2009, who I am now and every version of me in between.”

Cassadee Pope has gone through a major transformation herself. The former winner of The Voice, Cassadee has shed her dark locks for a lighter hairstyle and appears as glamorous today as she was in 2009.

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#10YearChallenge 😨

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Lindsay Ell, meanwhile, reflected on her 10-year journey in music while comparing her 2009 and 2019 photos.

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“From recording YouTube videos in my basement with bangs, praying people would watch….to wearing an orange sequence jumpsuit on stage in front of thousands of you guys….a lot can change in 10 years,” she captions a post of her in her basement to taking the stage to play in front of a massive crowd.