You Have To Watch Lee Ann Womack’s Tiny Desk Concert


Don’t sleep on Lee Ann Womack. Everyone knows her name, but some feel that her days of hitmaking are behind her. During an intimate concert at NPR studios, Womack proved that she hasn’t lost a step and her heart still beats for the tradition and legacy of Texas country.

Her 2017 record, “The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone” calls back legends like George Jones and Hank Williams, influences the small audience could feel in her unguarded performance. In that small room the stormy “All The Trouble,” and the heartwrenching of “Mama Lost Her Smile” were all the more powerful.

“That’s just good old country music story songs,” she explained. But they wouldn’t be without Womack’s heart.


“All the Trouble”

“Mama Lost Her Smile”