Garth Brooks and Lee Brice Should Team Up More Often After This Duet of “More Than A Memory”

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When Lee Brice opened up for Garth Brooks in Bossier City, Louisiana, fans probably didn’t expect Brice to come back on stage after Brooks began his set. They were wrong.

In the middle of the concert, Brooks stopped to make an announcement— “I remember getting a call from a retailer during my time with my babies,” Brooks said on stage. “They wanted to know if ‘We can go in the vault and do anything.’ I said, ‘Well, there is one song written by this new kid in Nashville.'”

As Brice came back on stage, Brooks continued with the story.

“So, Lee Brice had this song called ‘More Than A Memory’ that he had written,” Brooks said. “And there’s a thing in Nashville – this has never happened to you, it happens to me all the time – but you’ll hear the demo of the song, and you realize you’ll never be able to sing it that good. So I’m gonna have my stab at it and then I’m gonna let the master take over.”

The two vocal geniuses paired up for the first verse, then Brice took over for a while. Brooks offered a little backup throughout the song, but for the most part, he let Brice carry the song.