Lee Brice Brings Reflective “What Keeps You Up At Night” to “Today” [Watch]

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Lee Brice is well known for his heartfelt ballads and the singer showcased his introspective side during a performance of “What Keeps You Up At Night” on “Today” Tuesday morning (Oct. 23). Written by Lee, Jessi Alexander, Ross Copperman, and Pete Wilson, “What Keeps You Up At Night” is the first track on Lee’s self-titled album released last year.

While chatting with “Today” hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, and guest host Sarayu Blue (“I Feel Bad”), the country crooner admits that it’s his daughter, Trulee, that keeps him up at night.

“Trulee keeps me up physically when I am home and I get to stay up with her and hang out with her,” he says. “When I’m on the road I think of her all the time. I love my boys but she’s my little girl.”

Lee is the father to three children with wife Sara. The singer’s older boys, Takoda and Ryker, were born in 2008 and 2013 respectively. Trulee was born last year.

The singer-songwriter released “Lee Brice” last year and says it is a personal album.

“This song sums up the whole album,” he says of lead track “What Keeps You Up All Night.” “What keeps you up at night? There are things inside of you — demons and angels and exciting things and sad things. And, it’s OK to talk about those things and to wonder about them.”

Lee then performed the heartfelt tune that has him questioning some of life’s most important moments. Will he get to go fishing with his dad next summer? Will his wife still love him in 20 years?

“What keeps you up at night? / What makes your heartbeat wild? / What weighs on your mind, leaves you paralyzed? / What keeps you up at night?”
he sings on the chorus.