[Watch] Lennon Stella of “Nashville” Releases Introspective Single “Like Everybody Else”


Lennon Stella grew up in front of a television audience playing Maddie Conrad on the weekly TV drama “Nashville” and now fans can hear the actress’ debut single. Lennon recently released the acoustic take to her introspective song “Like Everybody Else” and its accompanying music video brings the song’s vulnerable lyrics to life.

Seated at a piano, the three-minute stripped down performance highlights Lennon’s haunting vocals and memorable lyrics. A song about the insecurities a teenager can often feel, the 18-year-old sings of loneliness and the ever present FOMO.

“Been drilled in my head forever, ‘be better’ / Turns out I’m just like everybody else / Don’t even go near a mirror, it’ll kill you / Trust me you don’t wanna see yourself . . . What made me think I was special / I’m not special, turns out I’m just like everybody else,” she sings on the chorus.

“For any young teenage girl, it just gets so hard to feel unique,” she tells Teen Vogue. “There are so many options in front of your face all the time. Being young and trying to find your way and having a world full of people doing exactly what you want to do… there’s so much [to compare yourself to] all the time.”

While “Like Everybody Else” may be Lennon’s debut solo single, she’s learned a lot about the music industry during her time acting on the six seasons of “Nashville.”

“There were a lot of things [Maddie] did that I just got out of my system through her,” she says. “The show did such a great job of really staying to the truth of the actual music industry and how it works and what happens. I totally feel like it prepared me.”

She adds that she plans on staying put in Music City as long as she can following the show’s cancelation. The people in Los Angeles, she says, are pretty intense for her.

“Nashville is just super humble and sweet and everyone’s very welcoming. It’s like good people. I think it’s good to be here when discovering [the industry] and walking into it all,” she concedes.