Lindsay Ell’s New Single “Criminal” May Be Her Biggest Hit

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Lindsay Ell is looking to make a breakthrough in radio with her new single “Criminal”, a safe, guitar-driven love song. The radio-friendly song is the first since her split with Bobby Bones earlier this year, when both Bones and Ell found that their relationship was hurting her career and looks to be her breakthrough hit.

The criminal in “Criminal” is the fella who stole Ell’s heart and is driving her crazy. You can’t quite tell if it’s toxic or the real deal.

Boy, what you do to me is criminal / Baby when I look in those eyes / I feel like going through stop lights, looking at the cops like, I got nothing to lose / Yeah, boy got me burning like a matchstick, take me to the edge and one step past it / It ain’t right, it ain’t typical / Boy what you do to me is criminal.

The release is the fourth single from her album The Project and was the first of fourteen videos featuring Ell painting a custom electric guitar.