[Listen] Lindsay Ell Got A Kickass Breakup Song From Kelsea Ballerini

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In the world of country music, a good song can come from any number of different sources. But, for Lindsay Ell it came from a good friend who happens to be the hottest rising star in country music right now, as well as a CMA nominee for Female Vocalist of the Year.

“A good friend of mine, Kelsea Ballerini, pitched me some songs,” recalls Lindsay. “The minute I heard ‘White Noise,’ I was so connected to it. I remember I heard it the last day we were recording and I just looked at [Sugarland’s] Kristian Bush, my producer, and was like ‘we need to cut this song, there is just something about it.'”

The song “White Noise,” penned by Kelsea, Josh Kear and Ross Copperman, is about a breakup that just consumes your every thought.

“It’s about when you’re going through a breakup—how you’re trying to get your mind off of the one thing that you don’t want to think about and everything else in your life is just white noise,” adds Lindsay. “You’re not trying to think about this but it’s all you can think about and everything else around you is just white noise.”

The song kicks off:
Broken, heart beating, silence and breathing
That’s all I hear these days
The ceiling fan spinnin’, rumors beginnin’
That’s all I hear these days
Cause your memory is louder than the static
My head on your heart was such a habit
Going crazy now that I don’t have it
I don’t have it.

Another headache from a loud crowd Friday
Another lover throwing gravel in the driveway
Another love song driving down the highway
But it’s just white noise
it’s just white noise.

You can find “White Noise,” one of only three songs from the album not written by Lindsay, on her latest offering, The Project, out now.

In addition to releasing The Project, Lindsay is currently out on the road promoting her album where she got the opportunity to join Keith Urban on stage in Allentown Pa., for a little jam session. Check it out

The Projec
t Track Listing with songwriters:
1. “Waiting on You” (Lindsay Ell, Adam Hambrick, Andrew DeRoberts)
2. “Champagne” (Lindsay Ell, Walker Hayes, Fred Wilhelm)
3. “Castle” (Lindsay Ell, Abbey Cone, Josh Kerr)
4. “Good” (Lindsay Ell, Adam Hambrick, Andrew DeRoberts)
5. “Wildfire” (Lindsay Ell, Kristian Bush)
6. “Mint” (Lindsay Ell, Justin Ebach)
7. “White Noise” (Kelsea Ballerini, Josh Kear, Ross Copperman)
8. “Criminal” (Lindsay Ell, Chris Stevens, Fred Wilhelm)
9. “Just Another Girl” (Lindsay Ell, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne)
10. “Space” (Caitlyn Smith, Heather Morgan, Maggie Chapman)
11. “Always Kiss the Girl” (Bobby Hamrick, Jarrad Kritzstein, Carly Pearce)
12. “Worth the Wait” (Lindsay Ell, Travis Meadows)