Lindsay Ell Shares More of Her Life and Career in Part 2 of One Country’s Artist Spotlight

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In Part 2 of our One Country Artist Spotlight, Lindsay Ell delves further into her life and career by talking with One Country‘s Kelly Sutton about her relationship with radio DJ Bobby Bones, her current album The Project and what Sugarland’s Kristian Bush made her do in the studio.

“One of the first music meetings I had with Kristian, he was like, ‘Lindsay what’s your favorite record of all time?’ I said, ‘Well Kristian that would be [John Mayer’s] Continuum.’ He was like, ‘Perfect, I want you to go record the whole thing.’ I was like, ‘What?’ I had no idea why he was asking me to do this,” Lindsay said. “He said, ‘The only rules are that you need to play all the instruments, you need to do it by yourself in your studio and you have two weeks, go.’

“By the end of the two weeks I hand Kristian over this CD and I’m like, ‘I am blown away.’ I’ve learned so much about the way John Mayer plays guitar, so much about the way I play guitar and now a I know how i want my record to sound.

And while there is no word on whether John Mayer has heard Lindsay’s version yet, he’ll have a chance to check it out when LIndsay releases her version of Continuum later this year.

“Its my own version,” Lindsay added. “It’s not identical to John’s Continuum, because that’s the perfect Continuum that will always be there. But it’s my version.”

If you missed part 1 of Lindsay’s artist spotlight, you can catch it on our Youtube page now.