Lionel Richie Shares Story Behind Kenny Rogers’ Hit “Lady” And It Involves a Bathroom

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When One Country‘s Kelly Sutton hit the red carpet Wednesday night (Oct. 25) at Kenny Rogers’ farewell concert, “All In For The Gambler: Kenny Rogers’ Farewell Concert Celebration,” she talked with music’s best and brightest, including Grammy winner Lionel Richie.

“A lifetime of friendship and I could not be more honored to be a part of Kenny’s Farewell Concert Celebration,” said Lionel. “It’s going to be a special night.”

Lionel was invited by the guest of honor himself, to perform their 1980 hit, “Lady.” Written and produced by Lionel, the timeless hit was recorded in 1980 and became one of Kenny’s biggest hits.

Prior to the show, the “Hello” singer was all smiles walking down the long red carpet, telling stories o his longtime friendship with the legendary singer. Kenny and Lionel share countless memories both on and off stage.

When Kelly brought up a story about writing the song “Lady” in a bathroom, as told to her by Kenny, Lionel was forced to confirm the whole thing.

“It’s true, but it’s not that I was in the bathroom, I was just using the ba…no that’s not right either,” Lionel joked. “I was in the bathroom, on the counter, because I didn’t realize Kenny was going to get it so fast. So he said, ‘let’s do ‘Lady.’ Well, I hadn’t finished ‘Lady.’ I didn’t have the second verse. And I’m never going to live it down. He started sending toilet paper back and said, ‘Do you have the second verse.’ I said, “no I got the second verse, just hold on for a minute.’ Kenny Rogers does it to me every time.”