Little Big Town May Never Get To Sleep in Their Own Beds This Year And They’re OK With That


With their headlining Breakers Tour picking up in February and the co-headlining Band Wagon Tour with Miranda Lambert beginning in the summer, Little Big Town will not be seeing their own beds for quite some time.

One Country caught up with Little Big Town at The Nashville Chapter Grammy Nominee Party on Thursday (Jan. 11), where the band shared their plans for 2018 and it includes a heck of a lot of touring.

“I think instead of the Breakers tour, it’s the Break Me Tour,” Phillip joked about their packed schedule.

“We’re doing the first part of the year with Midland and Kacey and now we just announced the summer leg with Miranda. We’ve been talking about doing that for years with her,” Jimi added. “I’m just excited about what that’s going to bring. It’s going to be a lot of fun just getting up on stage and making music together.”

“Every awards show we are always hanging out with Miranda in the dressing room,” Phillip revealed. “It’s become our little tradition—singing songs and jamming. Hopefully, the fans will get to see that connection and camaraderie we have with her and just how much fun we do have, it’s real.”

The Breakers Tour with Midland and Kacey Musgraves picks up on Feb. 8 in Oklahoma City, while the co-headlining summer tour—The Bandwagon Tour —kicks off July 12 in Charlotte, North Carolina.