Little Big Town’s “Beat Up Bible” is An Absolute Masterpiece That’ll Bring You to Your Knees


If you want to talk about profound lyrics and one of the best vocal performances Kimberly Schlapman has ever delivered, let’s talk about Little Big Town’s “Beat Up Bible.” The track is off the band’s new
The Breaker album and out of all the foursome’s songs, over all the years, none have stopped me in my tracks quite like this one.

The song was written by frequent LBT and Carrie Underwood collaborator,
Hillary Lindsey, with the help of her husband Cary Barlowe and Shane Stevens.

Every so often, someone other than
Karen Fairchild takes over lead vocals for the group and Kimberly Schlapman was the only one who could sing “Beat Up Bible” the way it was meant to be sung. For the first verse and chorus only Jimi Westbrooks provides harmony and it’s absolute perfection.

The lyrics will ring true to a number of people who have followed the group for years and if they know anything about Schlapman they know how close these words are to her, her family and her life’s work.

This beat up bible
Dusty on the shelf

Worn out and torn up

It don’t look like much but it will get you through hell

It’s been held in the hands

Of all the ones that I love

It might be falling off the binding but every line in it still holds up

I can hear her saying
Baby, when you’re praying

Give him all your worries, he’ll give you all you need

I’m crying and I’m hurting

And nothing else is working

So, I open up the pages and start to read

This beat up bible
Dusty on the shelf

Worn out and torn up

Don’t look like much but it’ll get you through hell

In just the few days the tune has been out and the couple of times
LBT has performed it live, it seems as though the song is already getting a number of people through hell.

Lindsey has been performing the tune during writer’s rounds for a couple of years and her voice on it is matchless. The goal now is to get Schlapman and Lindsey on it together.