Little Big Town’s “Better Man” Was Actually Written By Taylor Swift


On the same day Little Big Town was celebrating the announcement of their upcoming residency at the Ryman Auditorium, the foursome also dropped the news that their latest single, “Better Man” was written by Nashville songwriter Taylor Swift.

Or pop superstar and most famous person in the world, Taylor Swift.

It’s important to note here that Taylor Swift definitely thinks of herself as a songwriter over a pop superstar, but she doesn’t usually go around pitching songs to artists.

After hearing the song and deciding to cut it, Karen Fairchild said the group told Taylor they wouldn’t announce right away that she wrote it and she said that would be the greatest honor any songwriter could have.

Philip Sweet followed that up with, “That song belonged to us and we made it our own. It doesn’t matter who wrote it.”

The group also released a video for the song, which truly captures the emotions and the lyrics of “Better Man.”

The song is the first single off their upcoming album, The Breakers.