[Watch] Kimberly Schlapman’s Hair Got Stuck in Karen Fairchild’s Mouth During CMA Awards Acceptance Speech

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As Little Big Town accepted their fifth straight Vocal Group of the Year trophy at the 51st Annual CMA Awards everything we love about them was on full-display.

First, they were the only group who seemingly tried to make any statement about anything. As Karen Fairchild finished her sentiments her BFF and bandmate, Kimberly Schlapman, moved closer to the microphone, which brings us to the scene of the crime.

As Karen was still trying to remain in view Kimberly’s hair got in her face and from the looks of it, maybe also got in her mouth, or more likely– stuck to her lipstick, which is the actual worst.

But, she played it cool. And we love them for it. Also, Phillip Sweet was really taking this moment in and in a very zen space. These four keeping win awards for a reason.