Little Big Town Delivers A Message For the Ages With “The Daughters” Video [Watch]

Little Big Town Music video The Daughters
Photo by Francis Specker/CBS

It’s a prominent message in country music, in the entire music industry, and in the world. As much as things have improved for women, there are still stereotypes and a great amount of gender disparity. Little Big Town puts a face on that in the music video for their new single, “The Daughters.”

Beginning in the 1950s, viewers see a group of young women in etiquette classes learning the social graces and protocol to be proper young women. The video focuses on one of the teenagers who struggles through the process and is chastised for her ineptness.

The next vignette places the same young woman, in a new decade. Half-heartedly participating in cheerleading, it’s almost accidental that we see that her true passion is less about pompoms and skirts, and more about what’s happening in the game as she lobs a runaway ball into the basket.

It’s subtle, but we also see, at the point, that this young lady has her god, her champion, in her father who spends time outside with his daughter shooting baskets. It drives home the point that while things are changing slowly, they are, in fact, changing.

As the video winds down, once again the same young woman is placed in 2019 and has found her place and her comfort zone on the basketball court with other females.

Weaving in and out of the mini-movie, the important message of “The Daughters” is reflected on the faces of the members of Little Big Town. No strangers to controversy since their song “Girl Crush,” this tune, too, has caused some listeners to bristle at the idea of God not being a god for everyone. However, that might be taking the song in too literal an interpretation. Perhaps the songwriters, which includes the band’s Karen Fairchild, is speaking of a champion for women, rather than a being a deity of worship.

However, the glory of art is that it is opened to and welcoming of interpretation.

Most women are rallying around the song and its message of justice and equality, and many are being moved to tears, including Kelsea Ballerini. In her Instagram story, Kelsea showed that she was moved to tears by the band’s ACM Awards performance of the song.