Let’s Talk About That New Little Big Town Single “One Of Those Days”

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Let’s start with this: on any given day of the week I would consider packing up my belongings and following Little Big Town across the country. I would happily invite any one of the fabulous foursome to a dinner party, the lake or my future children’s high school graduation ceremonies. I think they are the most talented, kind and personable humans I’ve ever been in a room with.

I love Little Big Town.

I do not love “One Of Those Days,” the first single off the band’s upcoming Wanderlust, an eight-track project produced by Pharrell Williams.

The lyrics are fine and representative of the reigning CMA and ACM Vocal Group of the Year. The overly-produced background grooves are not.

Little Big Town – One Of Those Days

Karen Fairchild told Billboard, “It’s not a country record. And it’s not like anything we’ve ever done. It’s fun to be spontaneous and put it out there to the fans, because we want to, and not to overthink it, but just because it has brought us a lot of joy, and we think it will for them as well. So why not? We’re going with our gut and putting it out there. It’s just music, you know?”

It is just music, she’s right. No one is going to lose a leg over this tune, but a little piece of me squirms every time I hear the greatest harmonies in country music layered with electronics.

Fortunately, Fairchild also told Billboard, “At the same time, we’ve been back in the studio with Jay Joyce, making another Little Big Town country record.”

Thank goodness.

I trust LBT and if this is the music they want to make and want fans to hear, I’m going to listen to it.

Even if I feel like I’m in a weird cartoon dream wearing a lot of fringe.