Little Big Town Conjures Up Memories of ‘Urban Cowboy’ in New Video For “Over Drinking” Starring Michelle Monaghan


There are a lot of sorrows being drowned on a lot of bar stools in America, and a lot of country anthems that provide the perfect soundtrack for that alcohol-induced haze, but Little Big Town’s new single, “Over Drinking,” isn’t one of them.

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For good reason.

The broken-hearted victim in this song has dropped a tear or two in his or her beer and is now ready to enjoy that frosty beverage minus the sidecar of briney emotion.

“I’m over drinking over you / I’m done with bottles or chasing the blues / I still go out with the boys and knock back a few / But I’m over drinking over you.

Written by Cary Barlowe, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley, Hillary Lindsey and Steph Jones, “Over Drinking” is the second single from Little Big Town’s upcoming album, Night Fall. And apparently, everyone was so excited about the new tune, they couldn’t wait to return to a Nashville studio to record it.

The band’s Karen Fairchild says, “We started recording ‘Over Drinking’ on the road, and it was a little crazy because we didn’t have a place to record and you have to have a quiet place when you’re recording. So, we basically built a makeshift studio backstage and cut drums and bass and guitars, and it was really fun and spontaneous, and it was all driven from our love of the song. And (we) got back home and finished the recording of the song.”

Big and waltzy, the song is decidedly more traditional than recent hits, but the production has an itch-and scratch edge that keeps it fun, contemporary and relevant in today’s country music landscape.

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The companion music video, starring actress Michelle Monaghan, for “Over Drinking” has even more of a throwback feel than the song. Set in a Gilley’s type night club, circa Urban Cowboy, dancers show their best moves in front of the band, who appear to be dressed in the same period garments. Check out the embellishment on Karen’s hat. If that doesn’t scream “Bud and Sissy” nothing does. There’s also a mechanical bull and a sleazy club owner, and it all melds together so beautifully that it could leave you craving a cold Lone Star longneck and a hardwood floor.