Little Big Town, Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake Team Up For New Song “C’Mon”

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So, songwriter, music producer and musician Pharrell Williams and outstanding country group Little Big Town have been hanging out a lot recently — and it’s like they’ve formed the coolest, dreamiest super-group to ever exist.

And, as this incredible, unexpected super-group, they’ve done a lot of cool things together.

They’ve walked the CMT pink carpet together.

They’ve done interviews together.

They’ve visited Bobby Bones together.

They’ve celebrated birthdays together.

And now, probably coolest of all, they’ve performed on the Grand Ole Opry stage together.

During a recent visit to the historic venue, the members of Little Big Town invited Pharrell on stage to join them in a performance of “C’Mon,” a song that he wrote and the group recorded.

It will appear on their upcoming album Wanderlust.

And now, — get this y’all — Pharrell has just announced that none other than pop king Justin Timberlake will be lending his vocals on the recorded track (!!!).

So basically, this song is straight out of our dreams.

And we now know, the mystery behind this Instagram.

Anywho, even though this video only shows a snippet of the song, it’s clear that the track is going to be incredible.