Little Big Town Played Pictionary Against Each Other and It’s the Closest We’ve Ever Seen Them Get to Fighting

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Sometimes, it seems like Little Big Town knows what each other’s thinking just by looking at each other. It seems like that until they play Pictionary. Then, we know they mostly know what someone else in the band is thinking, but a drawing helps too.

The group sat down with Billboard to play a round of boys vs. girls and well, it went okay. Honestly, it was kind of awesome to see them be competitive with each other because Karen Fairchild is a boss and doesn’t like to lose. For a second, it almost seemed like Karen was mad at Kimberly Schlapman, which doesn’t seem possible.

“I knew I should played with Jimi,” Karen said. As Kimberly chimed back, “I knew I shouldn’t play with her. Too much pressure.”