Little Big Town Releases Ode to Growing Up Female With New Single, “The Daughters”


Last October, CMT recognized Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman as two of their “Artists of the Year” in an unprecedented all female event. In her acceptance speech, Karen whipped out her cell phone and read off the names of 35 rising female stars who were also deserving of the recognition. It seemed just a matter of time before Little Big Town would pay homage to women in song.

And “The Daughters” will just about stop your heart.

With light, ethereal production and Karen’s soothing voice forward in the arrangement, the song almost sounds like a lonesome lullaby. However, the lyrics address archaic stereotypes and nudging directives that women hear from childhood. In the end, though, there is an urgency in the band’s search for a champion:

Girl, shoulders back and stand up straight. / Girl, watch your mouth and watch your weight. / Mind your manners, smile for the camera. / Pose like a trophy on a shelf / Dream for everyone but not yourself / I’ve heard of God the Son and God the Father / I’m just looking for a god for the daughters.”

Beautifully written by Karen, along with singer-songwriters Sean McConnell (“Mercy”) and Ashley Ray (“Dirt Cheap”), “The Daughters” is the lead single from Little Big Town’s next album. A search on social media is showing an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the song, many urging country radio to show it the same support.

Little Big Town will be performing on the April 7 ACM Awards. Although we don’t know if this is the song selection, we’re certainly hoping!