Little Big Town ‘s New Video For “Sugar Coat,” Starring Kate Bosworth, is Anything But Sweet


As their career has progressed, Little Big Town has established themselves as fearless when it comes to taking risks with their career, sometimes to exercise the creative heart that artists possess, and often for the purpose of making a statement. Their new song and video for “Sugar Coat,” seems to encompass a bit of both.

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The Mad Men setting reflects an era, perhaps the 50s or 60s, when generations of women were raised to be the perfect face creating the perfect home with the perfect children, to present a perfect world for their hard-working husbands and their associates. But when betrayal takes place, even the sweetest face finds her revenge.

The star of the video, actress Kate Bosworth says, “I play a woman who is in a complicated marriage. She is often lonely and unfulfilled, realizing that she is not getting what she needs from a partner, devastated by the choices that her husband is making. As she slowly discovers what is happening, while it’s a sad moment, it is ultimately a resilient one. She finds her strength, her fortitude, and ultimately herself. It was an honor to bring this song to life with a band that I love.”

Thoughtfully produced by brother-sister duo, Stephen and Alexa Kinigopoulos, observant fans should watch for a small, sparkly visual that reveals the first step to getting even.

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“Sugar Coat” was written by Lori, McKenna, Josh Kerr and Jordyn Shellart and was given to fans who pre-ordered Little Big Town’s upcoming album, Nightfall. The 13-track collection is set to release on January 17th and also includes previously released tracks “Over Drinking” and “The Daughters.” The band’s Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Phillip Sweet and Jimi Westbrook are featured as co-writers on several tracks including “Wine, Beer, Whiskey” and “Problem Child,” which they were all co-writers on.