Little Big Town Brings The Heat with Carefree Video for “Summer Fever”


Summer may not officially be here but Little Big Town is definitely bringing the heat with their latest video for “Summer Fever,” the first release from their upcoming ninth studio album.

The roll your windows down and turn up the radio anthem is already our go-to song of the Summer. However, the video just might take it to another level, making you want to immediately head out into the sun and grab the nearest bike for a carefree ride. 

Harkening back to that 70s disco era, the foot loose and fancy free video makes Jimi, Karen, Kimberly and Phillip the envy of every person stuck in an office right now. Whether in the pool, on the dance floor, the boardwalk or riding a bike, the fabulous foursome do this tune up right.  

Over and over again on a blown out speaker / Dance in the sand while the sun sets deeper / Got that top back on that Jeep / Got that soundtrack on repeat / Got that one hand on my knee and I want it / Over and over again, catching summer fever /Summer fever, summer fever,” they sing in the chorus.

 “Summer Fever” is hitting us hard. So sit back, grab a cold one and let Little Big Town take you far away, at least for the next three minutes.