Little Big Town’s “When Someone Stops Loving You” is a Real Look at the Other Side of Love


Little Big Town knows how to convey emotion through music. Their four-part harmonies are historic and their latest single, “When Someone Stop Loving You” is no different.

Written by Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna and Chase McGill, the tune is a real life look at what happens when someone stops loving you. The words ring all too true and though the member of LBT are all happily married, when they sing, it makes you feel like someone recently stopped loving them. Especially Jimi Westbrook who takes the lead on this one.

Still gotta walk into a crowded room
With the radio on
Crack a smile and crack a beer like it don’t bother you
Like it ain’t your song, that’s on

Still gotta cross the bridge to get to work
The once by her place
Make it through the 9 to 5 like it don’t hurt
It goes that way

When someone stops loving you
It don’t make the evening news
It don’t keep the sun from rising, the clock from winding, your heart from beating, even when you want it to
When someone stops loving you

The group says of the song, “we do love a good 6/8 ballad…and the everyday man’s poetry in the lyrics…the part about ‘it don’t make the evening news’… you’re in pain and the rest of the world’s life goes on and this song says that really well.”

Yes it does.

This is the third single off the group’s The Breaker.