Little Big Town Met Willie Nelson and Jimi Westbrook Introduced Himself As… Kimberly

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Just hours after the Internet declared Willie Nelson dead for the third time this year, Little Big Town took the same stage as the legend at Big Valley Jamboree in Alberta, Canada. Somehow, this was the first time the quartet and the Red Headed Stranger were performing at the same venue.

LBT has been around for a couple of decades now, so sometimes they really take on each other’s personalities and traits. Or in Jimi Westbrook’s case he just walks around and introduces himself as Kimberly Schlapman.

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We. Just. Met. Willie. ✌🏻

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Jimi shared to Twitter, “”Ok…. I just met Willie Nelson… Kimberly introduced herself right before me. Then I shook his hand and said Hi… I’m Kimberly…”

And that was that.