LoCash’s Chris Lucas and Preston Brust Use Big Bird and Loud Eating In a Game of “Bad Libs”

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In a game of “Bad Libs” for the Grand Ole Opry, LoCash’s Chris Lucas and Preston Brust got busy making up an entirely new song to the melody of their No. 1 single, “I Love This Life,”

The game is played the exact same way Mad Libs is played. If you are unfamiliar with Mad Libs, it began in 1958 and has players fill in blanks with prompted subjects to complete a story, which becomes silly when you read it back. However, LoCash’s version is a bad version of Mad Libs, if you can imagine that The guys are asked a few questions and then they have to take their answers and plug them into the song.

With prompts like, objects found in New York City, weirdest food you’ve tried, biggest pet peeve, zoo animal and rival teams mascot, the guys created a song that may not have made it to the top of the country charts.

The song goes something like this, “Man, I love Big Bird / I love a rocky mountain oyster / I love a Blue Jay night / man I love loud eating / The sound of an ol’ rhino rolling through my mind / Man, I love / Man, I love / Man, I love loud eating, woah woah….You get the picture.