LoCash Debuts New Single “Don’t Get Better Than That” on “Megyn Kelly TODAY”

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LoCash’s Preston Burst and Chris Lucas made the trek to New York City this morning (Dec. 29) to debut their brand new single “Don’t Get Better Than That” on NBC’s “Megyn Kelly TODAY.”

Just as the year is coming to an end, the duo is revving up for what’s to come in 2018. Chris and Preston chatted with host Megyn about touring with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on their 2017 Soul2Soul tour saying, “They are incredible people. When I say humble and kind, no pun intended. They really are, they are absolutely amazing people. They just treat us like gold, it’s awesome.”

When Megyn asked about their upcoming gig to ring in the new year Times Square, where they will play on the Opry City Stage for the venue’s “New Year’s Eve Bash,” the guys recalled what they were doing the previous year.

“All I know is the last time we did that we were with you,” Chris said to Megyn. “We were freezing. It was negative four degrees and we were standing next to Megyn Kelly, it was amazing.”

LoCash went on to perform their new single, “Don’t Get Better Than That,” written by Preston, Chris, Phil Barton and Lindsay Rimes, which is a taste of what we can expect from their upcoming album due out in 2018.

“Rolling with a full tank, wasting gas / Sipping on a sunset, crushing cans / Little Nitty Gritty turned up full blast / Yeah, it don’t get better than that / Raising all the hell on Friday night / Holding on your honey under neon lights / Knowing where you’ve been, loving where you’re at / Yeah, it don’t get better than that.”

Photo by Nathan Congleton/TODAY