LoCash’s New Music Video to “I Know Somebody” Has Some Serious ’90s Vibes

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In their latest music video, LoCash took viewers on a flashback to the late-’90s with a grungy rollerskating theme.

Cash, the main character in the video, works in a skating rink, and one night while he’s on shift, a cute girl walks in. Cash quickly falls in love with her, and she obviously with him, however, it takes him to the end of the video to work up enough courage to grab her hand and take her on a ride. Eventually, they come back to the skating rink, where they dance under a disco ball, where they giggle and fall madly in love.

Does this bring back any high school memories for you?

Written by Rhett Akins, Ross Copperman and Jeremy Stover, this is one of the songs off LoCash’s newly released The Fighters album.