LoCash Is Ready to Heal The World With New Album, “Brothers”

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With the release of their brand new album, Brothers, LoCash’s Chris Lucas and Preston Brust are ready to heal the world their music. From the looks of things, the guys are off to a good start with the release of their lead single ,”Feels Like a Party.”

The upbeat new tune, written by Chris, Preston, FGL’s Tyler Hubbard and Corey Crowder, is a feel good tune that has the guys singing about being in their element and just having a good ole time.

“I remember that day Preston and I were in middle of lawyer management calls,” Chris tells One Country. “We were between record deals. I remember we get into the studio and were writing again with Tyler [Hubbard] and Corey [Crowder] and we were just, heads are down tired and not knowing. We’re excited but we had just got off the phone with all the attorneys. It was either Corey or Tyler, one of them said ‘You know, hey look at this, look what you got over here at the end man, if you guys realize this at the end, it’s going to feel like a party when you get there.’ And we were all like, ‘oh s***.’ We didn’t try to overthink it man, we were just like you know what, let’s just get happy”

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“We’re like, ‘let’s write a song that feels good today,'” Preston adds. “And now this song is officially Top 25.”

“It feels like a party / It feels like a damn good time to me / A bunch of country girls and back road boys / All here to drink and sing / So go on pour me something cold / ‘Cause we ain’t ’bout to leave / It feels like a party /It feels like a party to me,” Preston and Chris sing in the chorus.

The new album, Brothers, produced by FGL’s Tyler Hubbard, Corey Crowder, Lindsay Rimes and Jordan Schmidt, is the first offering since the duo signed their new record deal with Wheelhouse records.

“It gives us more creativity where we don’t have to worry so much,” Chris adds about being able to focus on the music while the label focuses on the business side.

“We’re really proud of this album and hey, you don’t like it, you don’t like it, but we wanted to get it out there and see if you do. Because we feel like it is going to bring that smile and that energy, whatever it is,” said Preston. “It’s who we are right now and where we are in life.”

One Country sat down with the duo to talk about the new music, brotherhood and healing the world.

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One Country: Congratulations on you ACM award nomination. How does that feel?

Preston Brust: “It feels like we’ve been invited to the Thanksgiving dinner.

Chris Lucas: “They saved a couple seats at the table for us. Not sitting at the head of the table, but hey, we are at the table.”

OC: This is your third nod. Is it true what they say, it’s an honor just to be nominated?

Chris: “It really is.”

Preston: “It’s a tough category. I mean there’s a lot of great duos, there’s some duos that have had massive years this year.”

OC: You wrote the lead singe, “Feels Like a Party,” with FGL’s Tyler Hubbard and Corey Crowder, how did that come about?

Preston: “Originally I think it was Corey, well Tyler and us have always been buddies, for a long time. And Tyler and Corey started writing together a lot and Corey had called me and said ‘Hey you want to jump in on this write?’ And it just worked out perfect. We all got together, the four of us jumped into this write together and that’s when we wrote ‘Brothers’ also. And you know I had written with Tyler a couple of times and I told Chris I said ‘This kid is one fire, he’s super talented and he’s got his finger on the pulse of what Country music is all about, what they want to hear.’ It’s great to work with somebody like that, so we went over Corey’s and the four of us sat down in Corey’s living room and we were just talking about has there ever been a song called ‘Brothers.’

Chris: “We were just telling stories and they’re so familiar, we kind of grew up with Tyler on the road. We just had a lot to talk about, a lot of laughs, and we’ve never missed a beat from being on the road together and next thing you know we just start this ‘Brothers’ thing. I think he started this little thing on the guitar and we were like ‘Man let’s run with this.’

Preston: “There was a sense of brotherhood in the air, we were laughing, we were reminiscing and talking about everybody’s first kid, just stuff like that—little memories that we’ve all experienced together along the way.”

OC: Why did you want to name the album Brothers?

Preston: It’s just that brotherhood, all those milestones and this journey we’ve been through. I have an adopted brother, a blood brother and long lost brother and I love them all equally, differently but as guy who has two brothers that I grew up with, Chris is just like a brother to me, I mean, he’s my third brother.

Chris: “I’m an only child and I just always wanted a brother. I feel like, honest to God, I feel like he’s my blood. I don’t know anything other than that. When I introduced my wife, I introduced her to Preston first, you know what I mean.”

Preston: “‘I’ve been married to Chris for ten years what are you gonna bring to the table? I hope you’re rich because we need some money dammit!'”

Chris: “And it’s important you know we’ve always had each others back and we get in brotherly fights, nothing horrible or anything but you know it’s never been that bad, it’s never been you know we’ve always had the same outlook on life. We just want the same thing and I just wish the world could see that. Not just us, we all want the same thing. Maybe we’re trying to heal the world guys. Maybe we’re trying to do that. We are trying to heal the world with this album.

Preston: “Music an do it.”

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OC: Do you have a favorite song on the album?

Chris: “That’s like picking a favorite kid.”

Preston: “Right now I’m on ‘God Thing. I love ‘God Thing’ a lot, and ‘One Big Country Song.’

Chris: “They’re probably two of my favorites that I’m looking forward to see what the world thinks. But there’s ‘Kissing a Girl, that’s definitely one of my favorites.”

OC: I noticed Tyler [Hubbard] and Rhett [Akins] have a few songs on the new album. What draws you to their songs?

Preston: “The language, the lyric, the melody, I mean Rhett is all the above, I mean it’s just like he knows, he speaks our language, he speaks a language that the country listener totally just gets it and we’re fans of Rhett and his song writing and so to have the opportunity to actually cut and record his songs and share them with the world is just, it’s the hugest honor.

Chris: “Well when he also calls you and says ‘Hey man I’ve got a song for you that I wrote and I’m gonna send it to ya.’ We’re going to listen to it.”

OC: You’re touring with Chris Young this summer. What are you looking forward to?

Preston: “Yes, the Raised On Country Tour with Chris Young, Chris Jansen, and then we’re also on the summer playlist tour.

Chris: “I’m a Chris too, how’d you get in this?”

Preston: “I’m the only person not named Chris on that tour.”

Chris: Isn’t that crazy? You should change your name.

Preston: “Three Chris’ and a Preston. We’re all buddies.”

Chris: “We’ve been friends with Chris for a long time, and then obviously Jansen, that’s one of our best friends in the industry, Chris said. “So that’ll be a fun thing, hopefully we get to write some times you know with him and Chris and just sit there and drink a little bourbon together and have some fun.”

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OC: What are your goals for 2019?

Chris: “Heal the world! Heal the world! Make the Republicans and the Democrats come together.”

Good luck with that guys. Brothers is available now.


LoCash Brothers Album cover new music

LoCash’s Brothers Track Listing:

1. “One Big Country Song” (Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley, Michael Hardy)
2. “How Much Time You Got” (Jacob Durrett, Corey Crowder, Rhett Akins)
3. “Brothers” (Preston Brust, Chris Lucas, Corey Crowder, Tyler Hubbard)
4. “Summer in a Truck” (Rhett Akins, Ben Hayslip, Zach Crowell)
5. “God Thing” (Jordan Schmidt, Alex Smith, Tyler Hubbard, Russell Dickerson)
6. “It’s Only Midnight” (Marv Green, Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson)
7. “Feels Like a Party” (Preston Brust, Chris Lucas, Tyler Hubbard ,Corey Crowder)
8. “Secret Weapon” (Preston Brust, Chris Lucas, Jordan Schmidt, Corey Crowder)
9. “Cold Beer Kinda Night” (Chris DeStefano, Ashley Gorley, Rhett Akins)
10. “Kissing a Girl” (Matthew West, Andrew Pruis, Thomas Finchum)
11. “Beers to Catch Up On” (Rhett Akins, Jeremy Stover, Paul DiGiovanni)