Logan Brill Joins Vince Gill on the Grand Ole Opry Stage For Passionate Performance of “I Wish You Loved Me”

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As an up-and-coming country musician, performing with a legend like Vince Gill has to be a dream come true. I mean, not only has he brought an immeasurable amount of talent and lyrical genius to the genre, but he’s had a hand in making the business what it is today.

Recently, Knoxville-based artist Logan Brill had this unique opportunity when she was invited to join Vince on the esteemed Grand Ole Opry stage to perform her song “I Wish You Love Me.” Although it’s only been a year since her debut album Walking Wires was released, the 25-year-old talent has the singing chops and stage presence of a seasoned veteran. Needless to say, her performance alongside Vince was flawless, effortless and incredibly passionate.

A song about longing after love from someone in your past, “I Wish You Love Me” tackles the thoughts we all have when yearning for love and affection — and it does it in a way that makes you feel a little bit less alone in your loneliness. It’s beautiful.