Lonestar’s “I’m Already There” Was Inspired By Richie McDonald’s Son


Lonestar has had many hits during their career but perhaps one of the most beloved is “I’m Already There.”

The tune has evolved in meaning since its inception, which lead singer Richie McDonald recalled on the “Today” show.

“‘I’m Already There’ was actually inspired by a little four-year-old — about 16 years ago — that being my son Rhett,” McDonald remembered. “When were gone for like six weeks, I called home one night and he said, ‘Daddy, when you coming home?’ It’s a song that I wrote, that we basically live night after night from a phone conversation morphed into something a lot bigger.”

Yes, it did. After 9/11, the song was adopted by military men and women serving overseas and their families. A song about the every day life of touring the country — or world — with a band was released in early 2001, but by the end of the year it meant something else. In 2003, Lonestar re-released the music video, but featured actual messages from military families along the way.

Watch that version here: