Loretta Lynn “Feeling Better” After Brief Hospital Visit

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Loretta Lynn health issues
Photo by Bob Charlotte / PR Photos

Loretta Lynn missed out on accepting her Artist of a Lifetime Award at the CMT Artist of the Year celebration on Oct. 17 , due to illness. Friend and actress Sissy Spacek accepted the award on her behalf, saying that Loretta was “under the weather.”

Billboard had reported that Michael Lynn, who claimed to be a relative of Loretta, posted on Facebook that Loretta returned to the hospital with “serious issues.” “She needs our prayers right now, and the one thing I do know for sure is that she is a fighter and will not go down easy. PLEASE pray today for her,’ he wrote in the since deleted Facebook post.

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Loretta’s daughter, Peggy Lynn, took to Facebook to quash the rumors.

“Fake news story going around from some guy posing to be a family member or posing to be close to family…its fake news..but thank y’all for your prayers mom did have a really horrible stomach flu this last week. She is home and doing nicely recovering. I so wished these news outlets would check their sources before running with gossip.”

Loretta also took to social media to not only thank those for her award she received but to share a brief update on her condition on Oct. 20.

“I’ve watched the CMT show more than once now and am so proud of the amazing job all the girls did! I especially appreciated my sweet friend, Sissy and thought she just made the show! I can’t thank everyone enough for the kind words and this amazing award from CMT.”

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She followed that post up with another tweet.

“I was so disappointed to have missed it because I was sick. After a brief hospital visit, I’m feeling better now and enjoying a weekend of resting up at home. Love y’all, Loretta.”

Get well soon Loretta!