What About That Lori McKenna Shout Out During “Big Brother”?


This summer, I made the daunting commitment to watch “Big Brother” for the first time ever. The show has been on for 19 seasons, but I’ve never felt compelled to watch it.

This was quite the season to start watching because according to all the fan-obsessed Twitter feeds and web sites, the cast is all kinds of crazy bad. One of those cast members is a 50-something-year-old stay-at-home dad from Boston who constantly talks about Boston and stuff you can do in Boston but nowhere else. And he’s not ever talking about Fenway Park or the Freedom Trail, he’s talking about neighborhood stuff that happens when you get mad at someone or someone messes with your sister.

Kevin is quite the character and quite the Bostonian.

Kevin took his Boston street smarts all the way to the Final 4 of this season and during his final plea to be saved before the finale, he gave a shout out to our favorite Boston GRAMMY-winning, ACM Songwriter of the Year, Lori McKenna.

“I told you guys a while ago, a friend of mine, had wrote a song, named Lori McKenna had wrote a song by Tim McGraw called ‘Humble and Kind.’ When you get out, make sure you listen to that,” he shared.

Lori McKenna made it a long time ago, or at least when she took home the GRAMMY for Best Country Song 2 years in a row. Or maybe when she won CMA Song of the Year 2 years in a row?

Either way, that was the most casual name-drop of a GRAMMY-winning singer-songwriter ever. He mumbled Tim McGraw, but clearly pronounced, “Lori McKenna.”

I was pretty convinced that maybe he saw Lori once singing, but she confirmed the connection via Instagram later. And that suit is a little McGraw-ish.

What a weird, small world.