15 Things We Learned During This 18-Minute Conversation Between Cam, Lori McKenna, and Liz Rose

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Recently, Cam and Lori McKenna were on the bill during the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman Auditorium. The two performed separarely and then together on the legendary stage before heading backstage for a sit-down conversation with their friend, Liz Rose.

You know Cam from her hit, “Burning House” and our current obsession, “Diane.” Liz and Lori make up two-thirds of the songwriting group the Love Junkies, who penned the GRAMMY-winning tune, “Girl Crush,” but without each other Lori wrote “Humble & Kind,” and Liz is partly responsible for a number of Taylor Swift hits (among many, many other songs).

Lori is the reigning ACM Songwriter of the Year, which Cam presented to her in Las Vegas last spring, so when these three aren’t writing tunes or winning awards, they’re just hanging out reading books with long titles, going to shows or watching true crimes stories.

Here’s a rundown of all these things we learned during this 18-minute conversation:

  1. These three should go on tour together.
  2. Lori McKenna likes wine– red or white.
  3. Lori thinks Cam’s “Diane” could be song of the year.
  4. Lori chooses what to sing, by what she can remember that day.
  5. Lori would tell the wife if she was “Diane.”
  6. After “Jolene” and “Diane,” the two women get together and become a Carrie Underwood song. Kind of like “Two Black Cadillacs.”
  7. When you ask Liz Rose for wine, she brings it.
  8. Cam would like to erect a statue of Patsy Cline in Nashville. Lori would like a statue of Loretta Lynn and Hillary Lindsey. Liz’s first choice for a statue is Hillary, too or Lynn Anderson.
  9. Cam’s dream duet would be with Eric Church (again) or Elvis. Lori’s dream duet partner would be Levon Helm. Liz’s would be Jackson Browne.
  10. Cam’s first two concerts were the Beach Boys and the Backstreet Boys– there’s a theme there.
  11. Cam only really remembers two dreams, the one about a “Burning House” and the one about being a cartoon fish.
  12. Liz watches murder shows before bed and dreams about murders a lot.
  13. Lori is most inspired when listening to other songwriters or artists singing their songs.
  14. Lori wishes she would’ve written Miranda Lambert’s “Tin Man.”
  15. Cam thinks it’s a myth that women don’t like listening to other women. (In reference to women on the radio.)