Woman Lost For 8 Days In The Wilderness Held Onto Hope By Singing “Jesus Take The Wheel”

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Twenty-year-old Kaylean Johnson is lucky to be alive. She spent 8 days in the wilderness of the Pacific northwest with no food or shelter and was rescued with only minor cuts and bruises. The only thing she had to hold onto was her faith and a song in her heart: Carrie Underwood‘s “Jesus Take the Wheel.”

After crashing on a motorcycle with a family friend and being forced to spend the night in the Washington wilderness, Johnson set out to find help only to get lost along the way. Soon, Johnson was completely lost in the heavy woods of the Chinook pass.

Luckily, a volunteer marking trails for the Pacific Crest Trail heard her cries for help, pulled her from a ravine, and brought her home.

Johnson never focused on the worst case scenario, choosing to hope and hold onto her faith. “The song, I sing it in my heart all the time, it’s ‘Jesus take the wheel,’ by Carrie Underwood. I sung that song the night I went missing and when I got home, it came on the radio,” Johnson said.