Exclusive Premiere of Lucas Hoge’s “ShooFly Pie”

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New music is on the way from Lucas Hoge. We’ve got the exclusive first listen to
Dirty South‘s first track.

“Growing up in Nebraska, I never heard of ShooFly pie,” Lucas tells One Country. “I had it for the first time and pretty much determined that it was the sweetest dessert I’d ever had. I love the idea of this pie being a part of good living, good food and a really sweet girl too.”

Dirty South comes out on July 28. Pre-order it here.


1. ShooFly Pie (Tim Gates, Brad Hull, Lucas Hoge)

2. Boom Boom (Ben Glover, Phillip LaRue)

3. Power of Garth (Matt Rogers, Terry McBride)

4. Mad Dog Memories (Tom Botkin, Jon Henderson, Lucas Hoge)

5. To Go With The Whiskey (Jack Williams, Troy Johnson, Lucas Hoge)

6. Halabamalujah (Josh Osborne, Shane McAnally, Sam Hunt)

7. Flip Flops (Jeff Wood, Lucas Hoge)

8. Dirty South (Jack Williams, Troy Johnson, Lucas Hoge)

9. That Ain’t Cool (Andrew Scott Willis, Keesy Timmer, Lucas Hoge)

10. Who’s Gonna Be There (Tim Gates, Corey Barker, Lucas Hoge)