Luke Bryan Rounds Out Joy Week With A Live Performance of “Light It Up”

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Luke Bryan was revealed to be the special guest at this year’s Joy Week hosted by The Bobby Bones Show. The week encourages listeners to spread happiness and joy to those around them. It couldn’t have come at a better time, and I don’t just mean for those in Texas. Luke Bryan just released a new single to mixed reviews and one of his tour trailers wrecked into an overpass. The man need a win. Here’s to hoping “Light It Up” sounds better live than the cut did.

Unlike his predecessors, Byran did not cover a song from a non-country artist, which is disappointing. The dude is talented and I would love to see his range. Instead he stuck to his gins and promoting new work, which is fair but less exciting.

He first played “Huntin’, Fishin’, And Lovin’ Everyday”, a song you know and love with a title that is a pain in the butt to type. Try it.

He went on to debut an acoustic live version of “Light It Up.”

I think this is better than the studio recording mostly because he looks like he is into what he is singing. That’s no easy feat with those lyrics.