Brad Paisley and Luke Bryan Talk About Music And Friendship On The “Today Show”


The CMT Awards have grown into a week-long event, not only taking over Nashville but the entire media landscape. It is a fantastic opportunity for fans to get a look behind the curtain of the country music industry, a genre that regularly refers to itself as a family. Kathie Lee and Hoda took their segment of the “Today Show” to Music Row, giving their viewers the full CMT Awards experience.

They were joined by co-host Luke Bryan and Brad Paisley to talk about Paisley’s new album, “Love and War”, and the unveiling of the Jimmy Dickens statue at the Grand Ole Opry. The conversation got really interesting when Paisley and Bryan started to chat about how they approach new albums and the difficulty of building and maintaing friendships on tour.

One of the greatest needs for a strong friendship is quality time, so it makes sense that Paisley is close to his band and Bryan has built a close bond to his farm manager who he talks to every morning.

Bryan’s thought on making albums is very interesting to me given the flatness of his catalogue. He said “If you don’t live in that lane where you are trying to push yourself each album, then you probably need to stop making albums.” Bryan is not known for taking risks in his music and has often been criticized for making “artless” music. Where he could grow, and seems to be endeavoring to do so, is with writing vulnerable songs like “Fast.” I really hope he continues pushing himself in that direction.