Luke Bryan’s Wife, Caroline, Makes Christmas Un-BEAR-able

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Luke Bryan Caroline Bryan Christmas bear
Photos courtesy Caroline Bryan Instagram

Every family has their own unique seasonal traditions, but Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline’s tradition of pranks could make an elf less jolly and more jumpy, especially when the toys actually do come to life. And that seemed to be what was happening when Caroline surprised her sister-in-law, Ellen, with a toy for her baby boy, Wells.

In a post on her Instagram page, Caroline shows a photo of the cuddly, life-size bear. No, really. It’s the size of an adult. As Ellen walks by, someone tells her that the toy is for Wells and as anyone would do, she reaches down to squeeze the plush animal.

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Imagine her surprise when it springs to life…courtesy of Caroline.

Ellen screams in surprise, practically collapsing to the ground, Caroline doubles over – either from heat exhaustion or glee – and the family doggos are completely unfazed. Apparently, they are used to the antics that take place in the Bryan home.

So, it appears that Luke’s beloved bride purchased the teddy bear, split the back seam and
removed some of the stuffing, then crawled inside for the latest installment of the Bryan Family Prankmas. As One Country previously reported, a deafening air horn has also been the implement of choice in this country music family’s tradition, as has a large empty box, a rubber snake, and a hairdryer loaded with baby powder.

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So much for “peace on earth” and “silent night,” right?