Luke Bryan Joined Charlie Daniels For a Fiery Performance of “Devil Went Down to Georgia” and It Worked


Say what you want about Luke Bryan and his hip shakin‘, but leave country music out of it, because he loves it. Especially when he gets to sing with a legend like Charlie Daniels.

Luke joined Charlie and his fiery fiddle playing on stage during the legend’s annual Volunteer Jam in Nashville for a duet of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” and it was quite the 5 minutes.

Charlie started off the classic and traded lines with Luke throughout as he also seemed to taunt him with his fiddle playing. Most of the time, Luke stood to the side and just smiled as he watched Charlie play. By the end, Luke had taken his jacket off and was waving it around his head in excitement.

The only other person more excited than Luke was the backup singer (dancer?).

The Volunteer Jam is put on by Charlie each year and proceeds go to the Journey Home Project for soldiers returning from combat.