Luke Bryan Creates the Party Patrol Commercial You WON’T See During Super Bowl


Let’s be honest. The reason most of us love gathering at a friend’s house to watch football with our pals is less about the big game and more about the snacks, unhealthy as they may be. Luke Bryan and The Roots’ Tariq Trotter certainly know that. However, in a recent episode of The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy schooled the two musicians on including a healthier option – cod.

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Yes, cod.

Uh-huh, the fish.

In a hilarious faux-mercial, Luke and Tariq play the Football Party Patrol, singing, dancing and insuring that your football gathering has all of the traditional snackage, including wings, chips and guacamole and artificial cheese in a variety of forms. However, Jimmy, who is also part of the Patrol, shows up with a 15-pound whole cod. The artists, of course, chastise the talk show host and sign that the fish belongs in the trash.

Finally, wearing the scars of bruised feelings, Jimmy tells them, “No! Nobody’s going to put the cod in the trash! Everybody is going to eat the cod because I brought it, and that’s the end of it, ‘kay? If someone brings a dish to a party, you try it. You try it! One bite, that’s the rule. That’s the party patrol politeness rule!”

Of course, the story ends happily ever after and the jingle changes after Luke and Tariq decide that the fleshy fish is yummy enough to take a place between the seven-layer dip and jalapeño poppers.

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We are the football party patrol / Getting your party out of control! / So if you need snacks for your squad / Call the party patrol, and we’ll bring the cod!”