Luke Bryan Doesn’t Wear Deodorant and He Has No Shame in Proving It


Luke Bryan has some interesting hygiene habits.

The singer-songwriter was recently on the Bobby Bones Show and revealed his super important skin care regimen: Irish Spring. That’s right, ladies, Luke Bryan is fighting aging with soap.

He’s very particular about the soap, though. Apparently, he doesn’t have a natural body odor — which is further proof he’s perfect — unless he uses the wrong soap. Girly soaps — the ones his wife Caroline uses — are a no go for Luke. He’s got to stick to something dry.

If he does this, he doesn’t have to wear deodorant.

Bobby Bones, being the hero that he is, argued that Luke is just a rich, handsome guy and no one tells him that he stinks. So, Bones put his money where his nose is and took a smell for himself.

The answer: Luke Bryan doesn’t need deodorant. Maybe he’s a witch.