This is the Best Song Luke Bryan Has Written and That You Probably Haven’t Heard


There’s a song that I’ve been in love with for more than a decade. Luke Bryan co-wrote it with tunesmiths Hillary Lindsey and Dallas Davidson. However, it’s highly unlikely that you’ve never heard it.

I first heard “Dirt Cheap” performed by Catherine Britt. I was interning at her management company and one of the perks of that unpaid job is getting to hear songs before they’re released. I was immediately drawn to this tune about being with someone who doesn’t see your worth, because I was angsty and young.

The tune starts:

It’s like I’m on the bottom of your boots
Something you brush off when you’re through
It’s like you never even noticed I’ve been on you
Like I’m on the bottom of your boots

It’s like I’ve been sittin’ on a discount shelf
Red tag mark down last one left
Like you’re savin’ all your money for somethin’ else
Pickin’ me up off the discount shelf

But, alas, Catherine’s version wasn’t included on her 2006 album, but it did see the light of day on her 2008 release, Little Wildflower. Meanwhile, one of my classmates at Belmont University who had a record deal put the song out. Ashley Ray’s version even featured Eli Young Band frontman Mike Eli as they delivered the song’s strong chorus:

My love ain’t dirt cheap
I’m not a yard sale special on a dead end street
I’ll never be a buy-one-get-one-free
And no my love ain’t dirt cheap

Despite these two wonderful renditions, the song has never gained any traction at country radio. The turns of phrase and the sentiment being expressed are so universal to be that I’m baffled by this fact.

What do you think of it?