Luke Bryan Has a Bunch of Small Horses That Could Be Donkeys

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Perhaps the most disturbing part of this story is that I don’t know what a donkey looks like. It’s one of those animals that you feel pretty confident that you know what one looks like … until someone shows you a picture of a miniature horse and you start questioning if everything you know is wrong. Luke Bryan is that person today. He shared this precious video from his farm and my world has been turned upside down.

The Georgia native shared an innocent video from Brett’s Barn, which Luke and his wife Caroline dedicated to their infant niece Sadie Brett Boyer who passed away in February 2017. It’s actually a pretty adorable video, with Luke talking to the animals — apparently one stepped on his foot — while Caroline tends to them in the background.

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Dear Brett….when your sweet Mama told me of the challenges you might face in life, I was floored when her first words were "I can't handle the thought of someone making fun of her." She never said, "Why me? Why us?" Nothing. Her words were all about you. Protecting you. Loving you with a love that only a Mother knows. Sweet Angel, you changed so many stubborn hearts that most thought were unbreakable. The first time we saw your smile was beyond amazing. You instantly became one of the greatest blessings to the the entire Boyer/Wells/Bryan family. So….to get to my point of the picture….when you were about a month old, I promised you a white pony! I found you one…..along with some other adorable mini animals! Your mom and I hijacked one of your Uncle Luke's barns and started having a little fun with it (thank you sweetie @lukebryan)! We still have a lot of work to do, but it's coming together! "Brett's Barn" is officially in the works. This is all for you Queen Bee. We love you to the moon and back. 👑🐝 #brightforbrett #brettsbarn

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And now that I look through some of the old posts, they even have goats hanging out in Brett’s Barn. (And, yes, my confidence is shattered, I wasn’t certain this was a goat until Caroline wrote “Silly Goat.”)